A Woodwind Player’s Guide to Playing in Tune


This website is for all woodwind players that want to get better at their individual instrument.  Each instrument will have its own page to discuss all of the intonation issues that are unique to that instrument.  Each page will include notes that are typically out of tune for that instrument and alternate fingerings for those notes.  Every page will also discuss all other aspects that could affect the instrument’s intonation such as: embouchure, posture, reeds, instrument temperature, breathing, and mechanical problems. 


quote of the day

A painter paints pictures on canvas.  But musicians paint their pictures on silence.

  - Leopold Stokowski


Samantha Beeman is studying to get her Masters in Music from the American Band College of Sam Houston State University.  She received her undergraduate in Music Education from Iowa State University in 2009.  She has been the middle school band director at North Polk Schools in Alleman, Iowa for the past three years.  Under her direction the middle school bands have received Division I ratings all three years at State Large Group Contest.